The Cryptocurrency Revolution

The next worldwide revolution is that everything will be tracked with cryptocurrency tokens.

I’m not an expert on cryptocurrency, but I understand that what’s taking place during this revolution which will change how money is exchanged and how everything in this world will be tracked.

Just like the internet and email changed the way the world communicates. Just like Amazon changed how the world orders products. The cryptocurrency revolution will change how money is transferred.

It appears that the kings of the earth are going to use this technology to track everything in the world. Though we don’t want to support them, this revolution is going to take place with or without us.

I think that there’s going to be a wealth transfer to those who have been led to do research and take action before the world moves to this technology.

I believe that the Heavenly Father gives us knowledge so that we can leverage the systems of the kings of the earth, to be able to minister to those around us.

Over the next ten years, hundreds of trillions of dollars of assets will be tracked and exchanged on public crypto networks.

Transferring money, especially internationally, via companies like Swift is a relatively expensive, slow process.

The primary cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Etherium, have paved the way but newer technology will lead the revolution.

Bitcoin is not a service provider but rather an alternative currency with which people can use to purchase things. But right now, sending it and receiving it can seem tedious to the average person.

Etherium provides a service for people to purchase cryptocurrency, but it’s slow and expensive compared to newer services such as Ripple and Hedera.

Ripple and Hedera are tier-one companies that offer the following advantages:

  • The Ripple and Hedera transaction costs are very low compared to Bitcoin and Etherium, and they are consistent versus the varying gas fees of Etherium transactions.
  • Ripple and Hedera use a fraction of computing energy compared to Bitcoin, making them green choices and attractive to users.
  • Ripple and Hedera both complete the transaction in a few seconds, which is much faster than Etherium and others.

Here’s some basic information on Ripple and Hedera, which I think makes them stand out as the best solutions in the crypto market. Please research the websites and watch YouTube videos to understand them better before purchasing their coin tokens.






Ripple has been under review by the SEC since December 2020, perhaps as a guise to keep the XRP token price low while they build out the system and relationships.

Once the SEC case is settled, the outcome may be that Ripple is a SEC-approved company, which will make it stand out above the other options and cause the token price to rise quickly.

The XRP goal is the tokenization of everything. They aim to be used by central banks, sovereign funds and large institutions. As of 06/17/24, Ripple was working with ten central banks for CBDC (central bank digital currencies) to create a stable coin.

That may seem like a negative, but it’s going to happen with or without us, so we have opportunity to leverage this new technology revolution to fund preparedness communities to be able to help people in their time of need.

The elite control Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc., and many people use those products. If one invested early in those companies, they would be very wealthy. Owning token coins of Ripple and Hedera may offer that same type of return. That said, only risk money that you can afford to lose.

Here’s a video called Crypto Means Business | Are you on the right side of progress?






The Hedera Hashgraph goal is to be the most decentralized public network at scale in the market. It’s been in development since 2012.

Hedera has a fixed supply of fifty billion coins. As it’s used more to process transactions, the coins will increase in value.

The Hedera Governed Council includes Avery Dennison, Boeing, DBS, Dell, Google, Hitachi, IBM, LG and others; which gives it credibility.

See who is building on Hedera:

What is Hedera Hashgraph? HBAR Review (2024 Updated)

Hedera Hashgraph HBAR CEO reveals The Plan.


Some people on YouTube hype the potential too much to get views to make money. Here are some sensible people that I’ve learned from.


Crypto Sensei


Zach Rector


Purchasing crypto tokens can be daunting to newbies if done though most services, as you have to purchase Etherium first, then purchase your desired token which requires gas fees (transfer fees).

There are advanced services which allow you to access much more information, but if you’re just looking to purchase XRP and HBAR, then Coinbase offers a simple interface. It also offers a more advanced interface to do more research.


Coinbase XRP page:

Coinbase HBAR page:

The price of XRP and HBAR fluctuate depending on how many people are holding the token, so I buy during low points.

On Coinbase, you can earn some crypto via Learning Rewards, which you can then convert to get XRP or HBAR. Check this Coinbase page regularly as new options are added.

On Coinbase, I took advantage of a promotional offer to get $10 when I bought $100 of USDC stable coin. Then I used the $110 to purchase XRP.


With the profits from cryptocurrency, my goal is to purchase hard assets such as a homestead with land, gold and silver coins, and prep supplies; which will have huge value when the dollar-based financial system collapses.

I envision people being able to leverage this wealth transfer to build preparedness communities with like-minded people, to be able to protect family and friends, and minister to people around them.

I do not make any commission on these recommendations. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned. The content is for informational purposes only. You should not construe this information as legal, investment, financial or other advise.